8 Femme Essentials in the Tropics

Tropical Femme essentials, Australian Resort-wear Fashion ideas and some tips for making the most out of your Tropical getaway.

Leave really fitted clothing at home as it will only become uncomfortable in the tropics. Opt instead for relaxed, long and loose, Cotton/Rayon shirts and pants, as well as lightweight printed shorts and dresses. Here are a few different ideas on how to ‘stay chic’ when entering the Tropics….

Tropical Pants 

An essential for any woman who wants to maintain her chic in the tropical warmth. Let’s be honest, it gets hot and sweaty, especially in places like Darwin, which is where I call home! Pants have to be lightweight and whenever I can I love to wear prints. Mainly because it gets hot and sticky in the Tropics and sweat marks are not the kind of vibe you want to give out when you are the newbie at the pool party! 

It’s all about breathable fabrics and being as comfortable as possible. The secret is to tell yourself that you are cool as a cucumber and to think ‘cooling’ thoughts! You need to make sure your wardrobe is full of breathable fabrics like rayon, cotton and linen, fabrics that make you feel at ease in the heat. 

Tinted Moisturiser 

You NEED a moisturiser in the tropics that does two things:

  1. It doesn't clog up your skin and leave you looking oily
  2. Makes you look bronzed without getting in the Sun and getting scorched!

I love Nude by Nature products mainly because of the lack of Nasties that are inside. What you won’t find in Nude by Nature products are the synthetic ingredients or preservatives that are often found in other cosmetic brands, such as silicone, phthalates, sulphates, parabens or phenoxyethanol. Also notably absent are talc (often found in powder makeup that can be irritating to sensitive skin), synthetic fragrance and carmine (a.k.a. the dye made from crushed beetles that make up most of your lipsticks).

Other product favourite  from the brand include the Perfecting Concealer, which covers dark circles and disguises puffiness, hyper-pigmentation and blemishes without creasing, the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick, which will give you that lit-from-within glow and the Natural Glow Loose Bronzer, which will give you the sun-kissed skin you’d get from a trip to the Outback. They all make for the perfect natural beauty look that we all know, love and crave.

Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is by far the most flattering style for all body types. It accentuates the waist and bust, helps hide the lumps and bumps and creates curves where they might be lacking. Plus, they are sexy without being too revealing. This style will see you through any occasion (I'm thinking upcoming weddings, the end of year party season, and you can dress it down with cute sneakers and flat sandals during the day or wear in the evening with heels (espadrilles in summer.) Do you own one? If you do, buy more, if you don’t buy one now! 


Head Bands 

Whether making a statement or allowing your hair some ‘freedom’, headbands in the tropics are the way to go! And it's not hard to see why; they're adorable, easy to wear, and add a certain polish to your tropical outfits and are right on trend! Honestly, any style is good but I prefer the printed headbands as they can offer a little more WOW factor! 


Singlets/Cami’s - 

This goes without saying, you need something with minimal fabric that still does the job of covering you up! Enter the Cami top. Easy, to style, easy to wear and easy to pack. An essential to any female wardrobe that is either living in or wanting to holiday in the topics! Whether it’s a block colour or a beautiful tropical print, you can pair this with some plain or tropical print pants or equally a light and breezy pair of shorts. 

Picnic Kit - Come on, who DOENS’T want a picnic kit?! I can’t imagine anyone who doesn't enjoy having a petite, classy wicker basket to carry down to the beach at sunset. Surrounded by big clunky esky’s you wallow in the majesty of your gorgeous wicker picnic basket, contemplating the meaning of life and fashion. Whilst looking for outdoors and camping gear locally at Anaconda, I found this gorgeous little picnic kit. Everything you could need, cute as and only $80! Buy here

Mozzie repellent - Kakadu Blue Cypress Insect Repellent range is the best insect repellent product locally made in the NT. This Australian made skin care company use a range of essential oils to not only repeal annoying mosquitos, it has a calming effect for you too! Buy here

Avene Thermal Spring water - A little controversial yes, however when used responsibly and consciously it is a must have tool. Keep a bottle in your fridge at all times and use sparingly when needed! The thermal water is rich in trace elements and is great when you have caught the sun a little. Just perfect for when you’re getting hot, bothered and irritated while lounging by the pool drinking mojitos. Buy here