Our Vision



We are an Australian lifestyle, fashion brand.  Inspired by nature, driven by quality, interwoven with the magic of tropical, Bali life and vintage bohemian luxe. Wallis and Jazz creations are never mass produced - each piece is ethically hand-crafted in small batches with fabrics selected for their unique beauty and luxury edge.  We use traditional techniques that support small, family-run businesses and ethical work practices.  Our clothing tells the story of our belief in raw luxury and we recognise that femininity is pure strength.   
Wallis and Jazz fashions unique and limited-edition pieces with passionate integrity and thoughtfulness so you feel gorgeous each and every time you wear them.  We are happy to share with you our aesthetic and the ideals we hold precious and we give you a little insight into our world in each stitch.
We hope to enkindle the same passion in you when you wear your garments as we felt when they were created and we would like to thank you for being a part of our journey.  We look forward to continuing this wonderful adventure with you as we help you explore your own possibilities in the fabulous world of Wallis and Jazz.  Please let us have your thoughts, we always love hearing from you. 
With a love for a relaxed tropical lifestyle, Jazz grew up in the bushland in the small town of Broome in Western Australia’s Outback.  Inspired by the culture of the remote Kimberly landscape, she lovingly fuses the styles of east and west, and envisions the brilliant hues of Indian ocean sands and sunsets, contrasting with the famous trademark reds of the Kimberly ‘dirt’ against the bluest of skies and turquoise seas.    
Her adventures led her to Bali and it was here, in this beautiful cultural paradise brimming with creative entrepreneurs, that her inborn appreciation of the natural world and her fascination with vintage bohemia blossomed.  And so the seeds for the birth of Wallis and Jazz were sewn.